DRUHC’s Confronting Racism in Durham project is funded by the Government of Canada, and seeks to raise awareness of the impact of overt, unconscious, and systemic racial discrimination in employment and career advancement opportunities within Durham.


Throughout the duration of the Confronting Racism in Durham Project (December 2021 – March 2023), we will partner with service providers, employers, and racialized communities in Durham to identify and develop strategies to address issues of racial barriers to employment.



Confront racism and discrimination, promote intercultural and interfaith understanding, and foster equitable opportunities to participate fully in Canadian society.


Promote and engage in discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, racism and religious discrimination.


Strengthen research and evidence to build understanding of the disparities and challenges faced by racialized and religious minority communities, and Indigenous Peoples.


  • Environmental scan of anti-racist activities within the region
  • Launch Durham Region wide survey to identify predominant racial themes
  • Facilitate focus group sessions with stakeholders for lived experiences
  • Establish a Confronting Racism Working Group to provide input on strategies
  • Develop anti-racism materials (Employer & Employee cultural competence handbooks
  • Organize cultural competence training for employment service providers & employers
  • Publish a monthly newsletter and launch a website to highlight anti-racist information
  • Host a job fair to promote the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce

Confronting Racism Working Group

As part of the efforts to address issues of racial discrimination in employment and to develop strategies that reflect Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion benchmarks, Confronting Racism Durham has established a Working Group – click here to learn more.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”
– Mahatma Ghandi

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